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A midsummer musical evening at the Monaciano’s theatre

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The Garden of the Villa of Monaciano – one of the most beautiful in Italy

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We are pleased to announce to our guests, our friends and those who don’t know our property that the Romantic Garden of the Villa di Monaciano is now online at the website “Parchi più belli d’Italia” (most beautiful parks of Italy) http://www.parcopiubello.it (currently only in Italian). 

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Here is the press release:

Fans of nature and the Italian landscape heritage now have a new point of reference on the internet to research information and be updated on the most beautiful Italian parks. Briggs & Stratton has launched a new portal of the most beautiful parks in Italy, a veritable online guide complete and updated on the most beautiful gardens of the Italian peninsula.

The portal of the most beautiful parks in Italy is the new official website of a contest for the most beautiful park, an international contest of parks and gardens which this year has reached its eighth edition. During the years, genuine Italian jewels including Reggia di Caserta, Villa Nazionale Pisani at Stra and gardens on Isola Bella, have been included. Thanks to the patronage of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, and that of the FAI (Italian Environmental Fund) and dell’AIAAP (Italian Association of Landscape Architecture), the competition is gaining a place of ever greater prominence in the panorama of Italian culture, succeeding in its intent to show the priceless architectural heritage Italian scenery, helping to stimulate interest and sensitivity towards greenery in its most sublime.

Italy can indeed boast one of the richest and historical heritages in the green world, the true marvels of architecture and nature that are often not sufficiently known and deserve more emphasis and attention.

The new site will present all the news and information about the competition and the jury, but the main objective will be to provide detailed and complete information on the gardens participants, over 100 jewels of our heritage landscape, selected by a panel of experts and professionals. Each park has its own page with photos and information about the visit, the gardens nearby and an interactive map for easy identification. You can search for parks by region, alphabetically, or by keyword. There will also be a presentation of thematic trails and articles of interest in landscape and environment.
The award, even more so today with the new portal, aims to promote and elevate the culture and appreciation of our priceless heritage landscape, to make these wonders appreciated not only by the narrow circle of specialists but to a wider audience.

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